Golden Rule to Success

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By the time to time, we will have different challenges in our life. Then we will try to overcome from our challenges. For example, if you are a student, you may try hard to pass the examination. If you are an employee, you may try to develop your career by going through professional examinations and gathering experience in the field you love to work. Today talk is about how you achieve your targets or how you should overcome from challenges.

By naturally, sometime we may hesitate to achieve our targets or face to challenges or sometime we may postponed the tasks for another week or month because of different reasons that build in our mind by ourselves. The result would be abandoned dreams or targets. Let’s see why we used to abandon our dreams or targets immediately.

We may try to achieve our dreams so fast. Sometime, we would compare our target with another. Then try to compete with others in mind to achieve the dream before others. With that you would forget what is the ultimate objective of you been working for. And one day you may fed-up after thousands of tries. If you want to become success full in any field you love to work, you should have a good patience. Because the journey to your dream should build by small steps. Otherwise, the foundation for your dreams or targets may not strong and one day you may fail. But if you have good a foundation of your journey, sure you can achieve the ultimate dream as wish.

Identify Targets or Goal

First, you should understand your goal or target correctly. when you are setting the target or goal, do not depend another party. Just be genuine and identify your skills or competencies. But when you see how hard the way of achieving target or goal, by nature you will postpone the achievable target. So, thinking about thousand of things to do to achieve the target you may fed-up.

One Minute Rule

Just allocate a one minute for some work that is in the process of achieving targets. Sure, you would think how I do some work within one minute. This is just for practice your mind to schedule time appropriately and build discipline in the mind. Think you have allocated one hour to study a subject in every morning, so there is a high possibility to miss out. But If you allocate one minute, spending one minute for a thing is an easy and less possibility to miss out. Then you can build a practice in your mind to do something you have predetermined in exact time.

With the busy office work, you may not feel relaxed when you come to the home. Sometime there is no enough time to do what you love to do. As I said if you can allocate one minute to do some entertainment thing that you love, the mind will relax. You should do same thing every day at the same time. With the practice you may able to allocate more time as necessary and sort the works according to the priority. So just try this method. Sure, you will see the progress in your work. Because everything you like to do will happen as wish. Ultimately, your productivity of the work will also improve. Then you will able to achieve the dream step by step.

Time allocations is very important to achieve the targets or goal. Just try this method and see the progress yourselves.

Thank You. All the Best !!

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