Tie a Tie : What is Perfectly Suit for Your Occasion

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You may have a question that what is the suitable tie knot for the occasion and how I am wear a tie knot correctly. An appropriate tie knot will pop up your personality and your professionality. Because each tie knot style sends different massage and those are matched with different colour shirts, shirt styles and faces. Also, there are tie knots that are most suitable for short guys, tall guys, big guys and skinny guys. Most embarrassing thing is most of man are use only one or two knots in their entire life.   

Today I am showing different important styles that you can use in business and casual occasions and the way of tie the tie.

The simplest tie knot is “Oriental Knot”. Appropriate for business-casual, social and laid-back occasions. Perfect selection for tall guys who needs some extra length and guys with narrow faces. Recommended collars are point collars and small-size collars.

Oriental Knot

Four in Hand Knot or schoolboy knot. The knot is best selection for narrow spread shirts and smart casual events. If the collar is wider the half Windsor, the Double Windsor or the Shelby may serve better. Also, better if you can use thicker ties.

four in hand tie knot

Half Windsor Knot. Perfectly match with medium spread collar, point and button-down collars. This is also very easy knot and appropriate for formal occasions.

Half Windsor tie knot

Full Windsor Knot. Also knows as Double Windsor Knot. It has large triangular shape. Prefect for wide spread collars and mans with large neck. This crease comfortable spare between collar and neck. Better selection for strong square, or round face, or one with facial hair. Use a classic and silk tie to tie it. Appropriate for weddings, high class business events. You can use a dark tone tie or a widely spread pattern tie.

Full Windsor tie Knot

Bow tie knot. Black bow tie knot is the symbol of formality. Appropriate for white-tie and black-tie events and good choice for men in business casual who are looking to interest up their outfit. The size of bow should be adjusted according to your collar size. Formal events call for a dress shirt with wing collars while spread collars are suitable for semi-formal and business casual dress code. There are styles of bows.

  • Butterfly Shape: A classic style that should have wide ends and a small knot in the Middle.
  • Batwing or Straight End: A straight end will be only slightly wider at the tips than at the Middle and should fold over at the point just before the shape starts to taper.
  • Pointed: The two ends are bound to stick out beyond the straight edges of the loop and should fold a pointed-end bow tie at the widest part of the curve as well and pay attention to the two sets of wings which need to align fairly precisely to create the proper effect.
How to tie a bow tie explanation steps, illustrated vector scheme. Gentleman style fashion knowledge. Numbered cheat sheet diagram with knot example.

Kelvin Knot. Another simple tie knot that can be use in business and social events. Perfectly matched for point collars and button-down collars. Also, better choice for smaller faces.

Kelvin Tie Knot

Pratt Knot. This is a variation of Windsor Knot. Great for use with formal and semi-formal wears. Its medium size knots. Appropriate for business, weddings and social events. Its recommended to use with narrow point collars and button-down collars.

Pratt tie Knot

St Andrews Knot. This tie knot can wear in business meeting or professional event, night out with wife and other casual occasions. Recommended collars are point and button-down collars. Suit with all type of faces. But most suitable for guys with round face and wide shoulders. You should wear the tie with right length. That means the tie length should be between the middle of the belt and top of the belt.

St Andrews Knot

There are some more tie knots available for use. Such as Café Knot, Eldredge Knot, Trinity Knot, Grantchester Knot and Etc. but those are not so easy like what I have shown above. And unnecessarily complicated, and too much for business occasions.

For Knowledge I have listed some tie knots which are suitable for stylish gentlemen for social occasions.

Eldredge Knot: Perfect for Wide spread collar and only use for social and casual occasions. It will take more time to wear because of complexity.

Trinity Knot: Its too much show off for business occasions. Most suitable for casual and social occasions.

Café Knot: Appropriate for casual parties. It will take time to dress the right length tie. More complicated style.

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