Isn’t Your Beard Not Growing?

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Sometime it’s impossible task or slow process of growing facial hair. In other words Beard. The Beard is one of the most important thing in every man to show their personality. But not every man is able to grow facial hair successfully. Its total depends on the genets in the body. It’s big trouble to man when there were not able to grow their beard as expected and thicker. There are thousands of products available in the market as a solution for not growing facial hair. But you first understand the reason to not growing facial hair. So today, I will talk through “talkwithreshan” about the ways that you can apply to grow facial hair easily. Exclusively this is for men who having slower facial hair growth and patchy bread.

Even as men are care about bread, today women also attract for men who have well grown and thicker bread. Because it’s shows the personality of the person. Facial hair can change your face. Like you can build a matured look by having suitable bread cut. As I previously said, growing facial hair is depends on their genes. That’s way different men have different type of facial hair. For example, some men have thicker and well growth facial hair and some may have patchy facial hair.

Why facial hair is not growing? The answer is you may not have high testosterone hormone to produce nutrition that need to grow facial hair well. And this is because of your genes came from your generation. The thickness of your facial hair is mainly depend by your level of testosterone and genetics. How can you identify that you have low testosterone? Check whether you are trouble in building muscles, high level of body fat, low sex drive.

Let’s see what we can do for grow facial hair fast and reduce a patchy beard.

First allow your facial hair to grow. I means no shave. Some are mistakenly believe that shaving makes thicker facial hair. But the truth is shaving is not effecting to the roots of facial hairs. When you allow to grow facial hair, genes stimulates where the facial hair should grow and testosterone hormone will spread over the area. Then your facial hair begins to grow. With the time you can see baby facial hairs in your face. When nutrition not spreads over the face appropriately, there may patchy facial hair.    

Wash your face at least twice a day with a good face wash. A well clean face is more important to grow beard.  By removing dust and other unnecessary things on the face, body allows to provide good nutrition and oxygen to the roots of facial hairs.

Have a good face massage for 10 minutes twice a day. It will help to increase the blood circulation in the face and with that nutrition and blood supply to roots of facial hair. You can use two fingers and rub the face rounding way.

Have a face scrubbing once a week. By face scrubbing you can remove the dead cells in the face. Due to having dead cells with good cells, the way to supply nutrition may block.

You can use a beard oil. It’s a supplement to grow facial hair. But take doctor advice prior to use facial oil.

Take a healthy diet. Taking a balanced diet help to get essential nutrition to the body which support to grow facial hair. Consider about Vitamin B, A, and C.

You have to be patient until the right age comes. When your age comes, your bread will be thicker.

Have good sleep. Good sleep gives a change to heal itself and improve the body health. And finally reduce the stress. May result to reduce the thickness of bread. Overthinking may lead to stress you.

Thank you. All the best.

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