Benefits of Hibiscus Drink

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How about if we can build healthy body without spending money for artificial medicines? Today talkwithreshan blog posting about a herbal, a tea or a syrup or an oil that we can make at home. The Hibiscus tea or syrup is another drink that will improve human body health. In previous blog post, I have discussed about coriander seed drink. As same as Coriander seeds, the Hibiscus tea is globally popular now. However, it was originated in North Africa and southern Asia. 

Sometime we may think that what a flower can do for our body health. Actually this is cost-free drink that you can make at home. The drink is a natural remedy for several major health problems. Specially blood pressure and cancer. So today Hibiscus tea is more popular with foreigners who more care about their health. But due to scarcity of supplying this flower, they are spending more money to buy products manufactured using Hibiscus plant. Let’s talk about the benefits of hibiscus plant. Not only tea, we can use Hibiscus for making syrup and oils as well. I will discuss the way that you can use each product. 

Improving the memory capacity: The Hibiscus syrup is more benefited to students. Daily use of two tea spoons of Hibiscus syrup is enough. You can make the syrup by mixing beat Hibiscus flower with melted sugar.

Help to grow hair and solution for hair loss and whitening: The Hibiscus has amazing ability to grow hair and terminate loosing hair by providing good nitration to grow hair and strong hair base. You can make special oil by mixing following ingredients. Dried Red Hibiscus flowers (100), dried and well cut Hibiscus flower leaves (50), dried cut Un-matured roots (4), white coconut oil (2 Bottles). Boil white coconut oil with above ingredients for 30 minutes. Keep for a week and filter the oil. Use when you going to sleep. Boil one table spoon Hibiscus oil and apply to hair with 30 minute massage. Remember you should clean your hair on following day. Recommend to use soft shampoo. 

Improve the skin colour and reduce body temperature: This has been used by ancient ladies to improve their skin colour. You can feel the different if you can drink the hibiscus every day. I think this would be a better way for skin whitening rather than spending money on artificial creams available at market today. 

Help to reduce high blood pressure and lower the fat levels in the body. According to studies, it was found that Hibiscus tea can reduce the both systolic and diastolic blood pressures. Then improve the liver health also. Due to reducing fat levels, you could reduce weight as well. 

Hibiscus tea is good medicine for prevent from cancer. Because, Hibiscus is high in polyphenols. 

However, there are some side effects as well. I think it’s better to know about side effects of using Hibiscus drink, syrup or tea as well. Overdoes of hibiscus could damage to liver. Not recommend for people who take medicine for malaria. Recommend monitoring the levels of blood sugar and blood pressure when consuming hibiscus. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

All the best! Thank You.

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