10 Tips for Buying Gold

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Today the post is regarding the 10 things that you should consider prior to purchase gold jewelry. I hope the content of the post will be more important to people who wish to purchase gold jewelries in the recent future. Are you experience in purchasing gold jewelries? And how many times you had bad experience dealing with the fake gold suppliers? The post is totally base on my experience.

Today, most of the gold suppliers are lie to customer about their products and try to sell somehow. So, I hereby listed down 10 things that should be considered when you are purchasing gold jewelries.

  • Get good understanding about gold and the measurements: There are purity standards and the value of gold will change according to the purity of gold. Also, purity can define as Fitness. The measurement of fitness is Karats. Standard pure gold (100% gold) contained 24 Karats. Likewise, 12 Karats golds contained only 50% gold. However, in Europe countries, they use parts per thousand for fitness standards. For example, if the gold contains 50% pure gold, it may be mentioned as “500.”
  • Identify the right requirement of purity for you: as I said above, the value of gold determined by the purity of gold. 24 Karats golds contained 100% gold as such gold is very soft and high possibility to scratching and damage. So when selecting the purity of gold you must consider about the occasion what you will be wear gold jewelry. For example, if you are expected to wear the jewelry on daily basis, you need a jewelry that is well strong to avoid damages. So, below 18 Karat golds jewelry is better.
  • Plated or Vermeil gold: in both cases gold will be mixed with other metal. Goldplated jewelry has the base of other metal. Like Brass and covered with a gold thin layer. Gold vermeil is also same as gold plated jewelries, but use more thicker gold and the metal use is sterling silver. Gold plated jewelries are cheaper, it can easily rub and loos the gold colour and shine easily. Even though, gold vermeil jewelries are cheaper, it’s better than gold plated jewelries.
  • Colour of Gold: Generally, gold comes in pink, white, green and yellow colours. But remember those are made mixing with other metals and the purity would not be more than 18 Karats. However, manufactures are mixing some amount of other metals to get more yellow colour. Rose gold (Pink Colour) is making by mixing copper metal, green gold is making by mixing silver metal and white gold is making by mixing nickel. So if you hope to purchase more valuable jewelry, do not purchase pink, white or green colour jewelries.
  • Find a well-established supplier/dealer: The reason is that, reputed suppliers always maintain the quality of their products. But the value of jewelries from reputed suppliers may be more costly than purchasing from a normal seller. If you wish to buy gold from an individual seller, please check customer reviews and find out the background of such sellers. Because most are fake gold dealers. Further, you can ask the certifications obtained by sellers whether to know the seller is genuine. Check the current prices of gold in general and look for same jewelry in different stores. Then you can separately understand the gold prices and making charges. Pick a seller that offers variety of services after the sale. Such as, resale, exchange and allow subsequent amendments at low cost or no fee.
  • Ask about the warranty: Most of reputed suppliers typically offer warranties for their sales. So they may charge an additional fee for the warrant. But it’s worth in some cases like damage to jewelry.
  • Verify the markings: there is a hallmark to identify the real gold and the quality of jewelry. Usually, hallmarks printed in the inside of a ring or on ear-facing side on an earring. The hallmarks represent purity in two ways. Use “K” letter to define Karat (i.e. 24 Karat = 24K) or three-digit numbers (i.e. 14 Karat = “585” that means 58.5 pure gold). Further, there may be indications about add metals. For Example, GF = Gold Filled, GP= Gold Plated, PD= Palladium, PT=Platinum, SS=Stainless steel.
  • Deep verification: if you have any doubt about the jewelry, just check with another certified jeweler.
  • Beware of fake sellers: if you expected to buy gold jewelry through online market, verify whether there are enough description and images of jewelry. Contact the seller and ask more information. Check customer reviews.
  • Check the payment methods: check whether the seller is accepting credit cards or other online money transfer method without any charge to the customer. Sometime there is risk losing cash when carrying cash for making payments. Also, there may be offers for card payments, such as interest free installment payments, discounts.

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