The dream of traveling to space by balloon has come true

There will be another option for tourists to travel to space in soon. The father of satellite technology, Author C. Clarke, has predicted about space travel in the future. Globally, many companies are working for achieving this target. As predicted, the company call “Space Perspective” has developed a spaceship to travel to space. The project calls “Spaceship Neptune” carrying out at NASA Kennedy Space Center. The Spaceship Neptune capsule can carry ten passengers at once with the pilot. They have used a huge hydrogen-filled balloon to lift the capsule spaceship to space at 12 mph speed. Recently, they tested the balloon without passengers and successfully return the balloon to earth.  They expected to begin test tours in 2021 and hope to carry passengers into space within next three and half years. The Spaceship is facilitated with a bar, seats, bathroom and huge windows that allows to see 360-degree view to passengers. They have arranged the old shuttle landing site at Florida, which belongs to NASA Kennedy Space Center.

Ticket prices are not published yet. But they are expecting to charge approximately 125,000 USD per passenger. Overall, this Is much cheaper than other methods use to travel to space in today. The “Spaceship Neptune” will take two hours to lift to an altitude of about 30 miles high. Passengers can stay for two hours in space and take another two hours to return to earth.  Altogether, total travel time will be six hours for this adventure spaceship travel. They are expected to reuse the capsule with quality measures and the balloon will be replaced after each travel. Further, the company said this is the safest way to travel in space rather than travel to outer atmosphere and coming back to earth atmosphere.

As told by the founder and co-CEO Taber MacCallum, we may able to arrange events, like weddings, celebrations and corporate events in the future. They will initially be planning to launch spaceship from Jacksonville’s Cecil Spaceport and Kennedy Space Center in Florida. However, the company subsequently plans to lift spaceship from different places in the world and concerned about ocean platforms. Like international Spaceports and sites in Alaska and Hawaii. As per the agreement signed between NASA and Space Perspective, the company has arranged to lease facility for 3-mile-long runway to used as returning space shuttles.

This is a great step for mankind. Hopefully, we may able to see another industry in the world which facilitate space tours in near future.

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