Kidneys Need Help : 10 Symptoms

Do you feel disturbed in the sleep? or do you feel a change in the pattern you take breath and metal taste? or unusual back pain? Then better if you could check your kidneys immediately. Today i will share knowledge about 10 signs that you could identify kidney issues in talkwithreshan blog.

As we all know, we are too busy in the day time, even at night sometimes. So we may not have a chance to think about our health. If you read this post fully, i am sure you will give more attention to your health. First, lets look the task of kidneys in the body.

The main task of kidneys is removing the toxic chemicals which are adverse to out body. I.e. filtering everything going through the mouth, and separate what are good and bad. The what about kidneys are not functioning well? Your body may contain more toxic chemicals. The ultimate effect is the disturb to your sleep. So the first symptom is that sleep disturbances. But do not think that is the only reason to sleep disturbances. If you having drink that mix caffeine or if you wondering something. That also results to distribute to your sleep. So you should understand that you have to meet your doctor immediately.

There is high possibility of having sleep apnea disease. Characteristics of this disease is stops the breathing process in the sleep. Also if you roaring loudly at sleep is another symptom of kidney issue.


Second symptom is headache, tiredness and body weakness. Red cells in the blood are bringing oxigen across the body and generating energy. I.e if you have low levels of red cells, you may feel tired immediately. Red cells are generated by EPO hormone and if the generating process doesn’t function well, there is possibility of having kidney issue.


Third symptom is a dry itching skin. Healthy kidneys always remove additional liquids and balance calcium requirement in the body. The reason for itching the skin would be unbalancing of calcium. If you have this issue in your body, drink water as much as possible. However, do not take any medicine for this without instructions of a doctor. Because some chemicals included in medicine will damage to the kidneys.

#metal Taste

Forth symptom is breathing problems and metal taste. With the increase of salts in the body would reason to change the taste. Like a metal taste. Then you may not prefer to eat much and result to weak your body.

#Breathing Problem

Fifth symptom is short breathing. If there any liquids that can not remove by the kidneys, those are deposited in the Lungs. Then it disturbs to take normal breaths.

#Ankle sprain.Female holding hand to spot of Ankle pain

Sixth symptom is Swelling hands and ankles. If kidneys fail to remove additional liquids or toxic liquids, those would be deposited in junctions in the body. Like ankles. So then the feel is like swell.

#Kidneys pain. Man holding his back. Medical concept.

Seven symptom is pain in the back. Kidneys are mostly closer to back side under the ribs. So there is possibility to pain in the back if there any issue in the kidneys. Such as due to poly-cystic kidney disease. But do not afraid if you have back pain. This can be a result of the flu, vomiting or frequent urinating. The back pain due to kidney issue is different from normal back pain. Kidney pain comes suddenly even there are no any reason to have pain.

Eight symptom is swelling eyes. As previously said, the kidneys are filtering liquids and removing unwanted liquids from the body by urinating. If the process fails, some adverse liquids can, mix with blood cells and deposit around eyes. Then it’s like seem swollen eyes.

Ninth symptom is high blood pressure. Kidneys are helping to control blood pressure in the body and if there issue in kidneys, there is a possibility that body cannot control blood pressure appropriately. So you should meet your doctor is your blood pressure going up or down unusually. Tips to reduce blood pressure

#urine Colour Changes

Tenth symptom is changes in the urine. We should more concern about if the color, smell of urine and frequency of urinating changes unusually. Specially, an increase in the frequency of urinating, urinate with blood and unusual increase in foam in urine would reason to kidney issue.

Kidneys are a main part of the body that helping to other functions of the body. So you should care more about the health of your kidneys. If you had experience on above cases , do not wait to meet your doctor. Sometime it would kill you. I will discuss natural ways to eliminate kidney issues in next post.

All the best ! Thank you.

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