“Bus Charlie”

  • reshan 

Here is good news from UAE. They have built their 03rd field hospital for the fight against Corona Virus. They were called that large ambulance bus as “Bus Charlie”. The main purpose of this ambulance bus is to give good healthcare service to UAE people at emergency case. As they said by one of emergency technician, they hope to use this ambulance to major incidence and events that are happening in UAE. The “Bus Charlie” could carry more than 30 patients at once. The 18 meters long bus has two compartments. Front compartment allocated for emergency care unit. Also, they have allocated one physician always in front the compartment to attend to critical patients at emergency time. As reported, this was the third bus they built. Earlier they have built an ambulance bus, which long 20 meters and it was a world record.

I believe that “Bus Charlie” help to people more than it expected during this pandemic Covid-19 period and save more lives.  

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