Less Sleep Not Good to You

Hope all you are well experienced in tried, bad-tempered and lazy days because of short sleeps or sleepless nights. Human body need good sleep for at least 7 hours, just like the body needs water, air and foods to function the body well. During the sleep your body heals itself to maintain chemical balance in the body. For example, restoration of cells, information processing and improving health in the body. Which means that your brain will work harder in sleeping time than day time. So, without good sleep your body will not function well.

The required sleeping time will change with your age. Normally a baby should sleep for 16 to 18 hours. Because baby’s brain building during the sleeping time. Children and young children should have 9.5 hours. Others should have 7 to 9-hour sleep. Do you know the real risk to your mental due to not having good sleep? Let’s see what are they.

Memory issues: The brain forms connections which will support to process and remember new information. If you don’t have enough sleep, the part of brain “hippocampus” may not function in fully capacity. It will result to reduce the level of adding new things to your memory by 40%.

Concentration and thinking issue: if you don’t have enough rest, your problem-solving skills, creativity and concentration may not function effectively.

High Blood pressure and risk of diabetes: short sleep negatively effect to your body’s release of insulin (a blood sugar-lowering hormone) and effect to increase the blood pressure and risk of having diabetes.

Effect to immune system: An Immune system that helps to fight against viruses. But if you don’t have enough sleep, the system may not function effectively. As a result of that common viruses like flu infected easily to your body. For example, if you only have 04-hour sleep, the function of immune system may reduce by 70%. Also, this cause may lead to cancers as well.

Risk of heart disease: Due to high blood pressure and high level of chemical linked to inflammation the risk of heart diseases will high.

Reduce the size of testicular: Due to reduce the size of testicular, the production of sperm also reduces. Also, level of testosterone will reduce. Anyway, i was found that less sleep results to lower the interest in having sex.

In addition to above, less sleep results to reduce the quality of your hair and reduce the moisture of skin.

How we can prevent from above issues

Here is some tips :

  • First. You should have adequate sleep as generally required.
  • Limit daytime naps.
  • Refrain from having caffeine mixed drinks.
  • Go to bed at same time each night and get up at same time.
  • Avoid having heavy meals before few hours go to sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.

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